Recherche avancée pour votre application “legacy”

A presentation at AgnosTech Pau in in 64000 Pau, France by David Pilato

Comment mixer SQL et NoSQL sans faire la révolution ?

Cette “live coding” conférence vous montrera comment ajouter Elasticsearch à votre application existante sans changer vos habitudes. Vous aurez des fonctions de recherche avancées sans avoir à écrire du SQL complexe !

David partira d’une application Spring Boot/Postgresql/MySQL et ajoutera Elasticsearch en live depuis la scène !


The following code examples from the presentation can be tried out live.

  • Code use for the demo

    All the live coding session will start from this repository 00-legacy branch. You can switch to other branches which are the major steps I’m performing while coding. Just follow the README in every branch to understand what you have to do. Compare one branch to the next one to see again the code I’m writing live.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

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